A Boy and His Dog…Cat and Rat

Man's Best Friends

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Telluride has a history rich with the presence of colorful characters: Butch Cassidy, Big Billy, Jack Dempsey, Nikola Tesla and Whisperin’ Jim Dalpez to name a few.

Even recent history has produced a memorable cast, and one character is making a splash across the country. Remember the main-street busker who had the dog, cat and mouse pyramid? (No, not an FDA food pyramid.) Gregory Pike has taken his street show to warmer climes, representing himself and his mammalian sidekicks, Booger, Kitty and Mousey, as being from Telluride, Colorado, he entertains the passersby on the ramblas of the Southwest.

The mayor of Santa Barbara filmed this clip and sent it out as his Christmas Card a few years back: