Telluride News

Telluride News

Backcountry Retreats

By: Lance Waring Heavy backpacks are an invention of the devil. While the idea of exploring the snow-clad mountains is appealing, the pile of gear required for a winter overnight expedition to the high country—tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, food, clothing, skis or snowshoes, and the other backcountry essentials—is daunting. And when you stuff …

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Winter 2007-2008

Features Clump By: Rob Story What does a clump of snow have to do with a modern-day ski bum? Backcountry Retreats By: Lance Waring Mountain retreats around Telluride that balance rustic adventure with cozy comfort. Word Diggity By: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer Learn some new vocabulary endorsed by today’s youth. I Hear that Train A Comin’ …

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By: Rob Story Flying into Montrose, Colorado, my aircraft dropped to the ground alongside the last, thin flurries of a dwindling storm. At least 10 inches had fallen, and it took more than a few swipes with the scraper to clear my windshield enough to head home to Telluride. Driving through Montrose on Highway 550, …

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Change. What else could I write about? It was the mantra of the 2008 presidential election, so it was the bedtime story I heard every evening as I sent this issue to press. It was in the news, permeated late-night comedy and political cartoons: McCain: I say “change” 10 times a day. Obama: I say …

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Taking the LEED

Green Building Finds Shape in Telluride By Martinique Davis If buildings possess an aura, the glow emanating from the house at 580 West Pacific Avenue in Telluride would be colored green. Elements of “green,” as in earth friendly and impact conscious, are manifest throughout the home. It’s in the checkerboard flooring, which was crafted using …

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Shadows from the Past

First-Hand Accounts of Local Hauntings By Andrea Benda I squinted in the dark. My heart raced as I turned to my husband beside me in bed. “What do you see?” My voice was a choked whisper. “There’s a girl there—there in the bay window. She’s dressed in white.” All I could see was black night …

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