Fight Like Jenn in Telluride

jenn There are some disadvantages to living in a small town—no stores open after 9 p.m., no place to get your car’s oil changed, that type of thing. But when it comes to the advantages of living in a small-town community, Telluride really shines. Tonight’s Fight Like Jenn fundraiser is a great example of the way our community really comes together to help one other.
Jenn Reynolds McKillop was diagnosed with leptomeningial carcinomatosis, and given a very grim prognosis. She has lived in Telluride for decades, is just 45 years old, and has a husband and two children. Her courageous spirit has inspired the community, and her friends started a group to help raise funds for her care—despite having health insurance, her family has been overwhelmed by medical costs. The group, Fight Like Jenn, has organized several campaigns, from the Fight Like Jenn t-shirts and hats, to the text-line donations, to a booth at the Blues and Brews Festival, a tree planting, and an online sign-up for people to donate meals to the family. The biggest event yet is tonight at 7 p.m. at the Palm Theatre, where Mountainfilm has donated some adventure films and there will also be a silent auction with lots of great things to bid on: a fatbike, North Face Gear, Wagner skis, a ski pass, wine, massages, hotel stays. Tickets are $25 at the door.
It is wonderful to see everyone pitch in and raise funds for Jenn, who is an amazing and inspirational member of our community. But what’s been even more touching has been the overwhelming show of support and love, the things that money can’t buy—our community is doing more than just raising money, it is raising hope, for Jenn, her family, and for the humanity that still thrives in small towns like Telluride.