In the Can: Telluride Brewing Company

I finally got the chance to sample Telluride Brewing Company’s rye pale ale last week, and it was worth the wait. When I asked our server at Honga’s if they had a pale ale on tap, he just smiled. “Nope, but we’ve got the new Bridal Veil Rye Pale Ale. It’s in a can.”
We’re not snobs here in Telluride, but we do appreciate a finely crafted brew, in a can or anywhere else. And even the most discriminating beer drinker recognizes the advantages of the aluminum can, environmental and social. Not only is the can the country’s most recycled vessel, it is also the natural companion to outdoor lifestyles. On river trips or backcountry journeys, at outside parties or bonfires, and even on our Town Park softball fields (where glass is not allowed) cans are king.
So Telluride Brewing Company is doing its best to meet the demand here for great beer in a can. Local impresario Jeb Berrier caught up with the brewers on canning night, documenting his visit (above) with his iPhone.