Keller Williams Plays KOTO Doo-Dah

The first time I saw Keller Williams play, I kept looking around the stage for the rest of the band. There was this symphony of sounds, a bass line, melodic lead guitar, flugelhorn and a staccato mouth rhythm underneath the vocals. But there was no band. It was all Keller, recording and looping the sounds as he played, somehow managing to orchestrate all of the miscellany into a coherent piece of music. It was truly amazing.
Williams is playing the KOTO Doo-Dah tonight, and he will have a band with him for at least one of the sets, but you will still get to see him make magic with music. The doors open at 3 p.m. in Town Park and there are some great opening acts before Keller goes on at 6 p.m., but make sure you stick around and check him out. It is inspiring to watch him play. And, incidentally, you won’t be able to see an actual flugelhorn: it’s another of Keller’s tricks, an old jazz skill where a vocalist imitates the sound of a horn.