Mountainfilm in Telluride This Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend in Telluride means Mountainfilm. It is not just the first festival of a busy summer season, it is also a favorite for many locals—Mountainfilm has engendered a whole new tribe of explorers, activists, adventurers, filmmakers, photographers and writers who do (and document) great things. Because of Mountainfilm, we have eschewed plastic bags and calculated our carbon footprint. Because of Mountainfilm we dream of skiing 8,000-meter peaks, climbing sheer walls without ropes and paragliding above Nepal. Because of Mountainfilm, we have photographers who walk from the ninth ward of New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico, vagabond cyclists who crisscross the country and a horde of people who can do a pretty convincing impression of a Tuvan throat singer. (Please google this, and just see if you can refrain from trying it yourself.)

This year will be no different. The 34th annual festival on May 25-28, 2012 features more of the inspiring and wonderful films, presentations and discussions as in years past. Here’s just a quick preview:

“Winter’s Wind,” one man’s journey for love and soul through skiing and memories.

“Chasing Ice,” photographer James Balog’s documentary about the melting glaciers

“Bidder 70,” local filmmakers George and Beth Gage tell the story of Tim DeChristopher and his famous act of civil disobedience in protest of oil and gas extraction on precious public lands in Utah.

Enjoy these films and the entire program this weekend. Happy Mountainfilm!



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