Paying it Forward with Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

True story from Bootdoctors: A former green beret snowboarding with Telluride Adaptive Sports Program came into the store. He had multiple injuries during his military service, including a spinal injury that made him a paraplegic. After receiving stem cell treatment, he was able to walk again, and was determined to get back into snowboarding.

Bootdoctors tech Americo Velez was working with the vet, and another guest overheard the story. He was so moved that he slipped Velez a note—see the photo—and anonymously bought the boots for the snowboarder. “He was really discreet about it,” said Velez. “He just paid for the boots and left.”

People are awesome sometimes, aren’t they? Here’s a huge shoutout to both the hero who fought for our country and to the anonymous customer who paid for the boots. And to Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) for making it all possible. TASP is an incredible organization and they are having their annual fundraiser, The Blue Party, on March 8 at the Conference Center. Here’s to paying it forward and showing gratitude—a little kindness is just what we need in the world.