Rev It Up

Telluride Outfitters snowmobile tours are a great escape

Maybe you’re tired of trying to stay socially distant in the lift line, or maybe you opted for the ski pass with blackout dates this season, or maybe you just need a break from the ski slopes—whatever the reason, this is a great time of year to book a snowmobile trip.

For us, the impetus was my father-in-law’s 79th birthday. I thought it would be fun for him to take a tour with his son, my husband. Just the guys. But we all got pulled in. “Bring the whole family up,” said MD, a friend and the owner of Telluride Outfitters. “They’ll love it.”

I had never driven a snowmobile, and my kids (12 and 10) had never even been on one. Grandpa and Grandma are almost 80 years old. And the one time my husband had driven a snowmobile in his teens, he crashed into the trees. I was a little apprehensive.

It ended up being a blast. The scenery, as expected, did not disappoint—we live in a beautiful place and the backcountry is especially magnificent. And having a guide was awesome. MD kept us thoroughly entertained with his stories and made the whole experience feel like a party, which it technically was, since it was Grandpa’s birthday. The best part was learning that driving a snowmobile is ridiculously fun; maybe a thousand times more fun than I expected it to be (despite the fact that I was probably the slowest/worst driver in Telluride Outfitters history). “Mom, jeez. Go faster,” said my daughter. I tried. I really did.

MD (Mike Doherty) Telluride Outfitters owner and guide extraordinaire

Whatever speed you want to take it, it’s a fun alternative to a day of skiing or skating or sledding (or staying at home fighting and spending too much time on an iPad). It was a great way to spend time outdoors with the whole family. We laughed and told stories all night; it was a highlight of our winter. Got the pandemic blues? This just might be the cure.

We did the Alta Lakes Ghost Town tour, but Telluride Outfitters also offers longer trips: there’s a Dunton Hot Springs excursion and a Barlow Creek adventure for more experienced “slednecks.” For more information, call 970-728-4475 or email [email protected].

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  1. My daughter, cousins and I did a trip with MD to Duntin Springs and it was beyond awesome! He is the very BEST leader. I was a bit nervous & Mike made me feel calm me with his grand personality and command of the big machines we all had a spectacular time.

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