Screaming Baby Takes Telluride’s Cool Sculpt Title

Snow is a precious commodity in these parts, so when skiers and boarders watch jealously as the mounds of hard-packed snow culled from the World Cup course get doled out to artists competing in the cool sculpt contest, they are thinking this better be good. Don’t worry, it always is—the creations they carve out of the snow with chainsaws and other tools never disappoint the crowds in the Mountain Village plaza. This year the competition was as (frozen) stiff as in years past, but the Screaming Baby took home first place.
The Screaming Baby is a snowy statue of a child gripping his sled tightly and wearing a terrified expression. The snow sculpture is actually named “Firecracker Hill” after the local sledding hill in Telluride Town Park. Other entries this year included the “Armored Bear King,” which took second place, “Team Powerline” in third place and “A Path to Travel” in fourth. The sculptures stay up through the end of January and the annual event is open to any and all artists who want to try their glove at a unique medium. “Hope you love it,” says event organizer Andy Krueger. “Get in touch with us so you can give it a try next year. We hope to have some smaller cubes so teams and families might give it a try.”
Watch the video above, courtesy of Plum TV’s Jeb Berrier, to watch the artists in action.