Shelter In Place: A Little Magic

Welcome to the forty millionth day of staying at home and entertaining yourself. We know, it’s been a lot of wearing sweatpants and eating junk food and maybe you managed to dye some Easter eggs—good for you!—but essentially we’re all still tiptoeing around this COVID-19 pandemic and wondering when we will emerge from lockdown.

Some good news—results are in from a portion of the blood tests that were administered in San Miguel County. Public health officials received results from 344 more tests; three were positive, five were borderline, and the remaining 336 were negative. The tally of all the antibody blood tests processed so far: out of 1,975 tests, eleven were positive, thirty were borderline, and 1,934 were negative. Additionally, there have been 12 confirmed cases of the virus (swab testing for the live virus) in San Miguel County.

Although the results were delayed, and the second round of testing has been postponed, it’s all happening—just a little more slowly than anticipated. And let’s be honest, nothing right now is happening the way we anticipated. But we’re adapting! Some of us are sewing masks, some of us are hiking or homeschooling, and some of us are still braving the world in their essential jobs. And even though magician Ty Gallenbeck isn’t able to perform his “Mind Blown at the Madeline” shows, he recorded a card trick to keep us all entertained. This is Episode 3 of the “Shelter In Place” series produced by Telluride Publishing’s other platform, the Local NEWS Network Telluride.

In a time like this, we can all use a little magic: