Shelter In Place: Musicians Cover Each Other’s Music

One day is blurring into the next in what feels like an endless stay-at-home order in San Miguel County and Colorado. It is week six of homeschool for local kids. Some people are able to work from home, essential workers including health care providers and grocery/liquor store clerks are still manning their posts, and others are anxious to return to their jobs and some semblance of normalcy. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced a plan to start lifting the restrictions beginning next week, starting with retail and other businesses that can observe social distancing guidelines, but urged people who can still work from home to stay at home.

Results of the COVID-19 antibody blood tests administered weeks ago in San Miguel County are mostly in, although 695 tests are still pending. As of April 21, 4,757 tests have been processed; twenty-six were positive, seventy-two were borderline, and 4,659 were negative. Additionally, there are 17 confirmed cases of people with the live virus in San Miguel County. St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction is also accepting plasma donations from people who were infected and recovered—email [email protected] or call 303-813-5230 to determine eligibility to donate.

In the meantime, we present to you Episode #4 of the “Shelter In Place” series from Telluride Publishing’s other platform, Local News Network Telluride. This episode features local video editor and musician Tim Johnson, who was invited to cover a song by another regional musician in a social media exchange.