Summer 2006

Summer 2006
Summer 2006


Once Upon a Valley Floor: A Pivitol Primer
By Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
Directions for starting an animated discussion in Telluride: Stand in any coffee shop and say “Valley Floor.” In seconds, half-a-dozen passionate people will surround you.

High & Dry: The Prohibition Era in Telluride
By Paul O’Rourke
Promptly at midnight on January 1, 1916, the operators of Telluride’s numerous saloons, gambling houses and dance halls performed, albeit reluctantly, an unusual task: They halted liquor sales.

What’s at Stake in Prospect Basin?: Protecting Our Year-Round Playground
By Lance Waring
In 1998, the Telluride Ski & Golf Company (Telski) began the public process required to expand the resort’s skiable terrain into Prospect Basin.

Fens?: Mountain Wetlands
By Mary Duffy
Back in 2001, when the ski area was proposing expansion into Prospect Basin, an unusual ecosystem almost brought the project to a halt.

Local Theater: Taking Action
By Lance Waring
From sweet transvestites in fishnet stockings to the demon barber of Fleet Street to Romeo and Juliet, the Telluride Repertory Theatre-or “the Rep,” as the locals call it-has graced Telluride with community theater for 12 years.

Segway Tours: Two-Wheeled Sightseeing
By Matthew Beaudin
Sure. You’ve gone on a guided tour before, lagging behind, barely able to hear and continually trying to catch up with the group.

The Valley Floor Cementing Condemnation
By Matthew Beaudin
Local voters said again what they had said before: This town wants no part of any development on the south side of the Valley Floor.

Oil & Gas: West-End Dilemma
By Matthew Beaudin
The federal push for increased energy development rippled throughout the country this winter and rolled into the west end of San Miguel County.

Telluride Jazz 30 Years of All Stars
By Mary Duffy
Joining the ranks of Telluride’s other senior music festivals, Telluride Jazz Celebration will commemorate its thirtieth year this summer.

Lip Balm: Health or Habit?
By Lise Waring
It seems there’s two types of people: Those who use lip balm and those who don’t.

Sunless Tans: Healthy Skin
By Michelle Kodis
Despite the well-documented dangers of too much sun exposure, many still equate a tanned body with health and vitality.

By Matthew Beaudin
It’s old and a little breezy. It’s a bit dirty, eternally dusty. It’s all these things, but it’s something else, too. The building is more than its rough, warped wooden floor, more than its perpetual draft: It’s become home for a growing number of locals.


By Edi Rullet
As winter sheds its grasp on the landscape, snow melts, white turns to green, and we leave town like lemmings over a precipice.