‘Telluride Gives’ Campaign Kicks Off Dec. 12


Do you love Angel Baskets for bringing holiday gifts and food to people in need? Are you a fan of Telluride Historical Museum or Telluride Arts? Maybe you’d prefer to support victims advocacy groups or animal shelters? Well, today is your opportunity to give back to some of the community organizations that make Telluride special. Telluride Foundation is shepherding the second annual Telluride Gives drive, a community campaign to support local non-profit institutions. As of noon on 12/12/12, more than $12,000 has already been donated, and people wishing to donate have until 5 p.m. on Dec. 14 to help out their favorite non-profit group in Telluride. Visit telluridegives.org to donate or to check out the leaderboard and see how the contest is going.