Telluride Medical Center Opens Interim Clinic

Ah Haa School for the Arts Depot Building

The local pandemic response has been a community effort, from the mobilizing of a unique regional serological test, to a redesign of main street to accommodate outdoor food service and retail, to a makeshift tent clinic outside the medical center to isolate potential COVID-19 cases.

While the efforts seem to be working—the latest reports cite zero new cases in San Miguel County—health care workers needed to plan ahead for winter and find an indoor clinic for COVID-19 testing to replace the tents outside the medical center. Space in Telluride is always at a premium,

so they looked to the community for help.

The solution? The Depot Building. The Ah Haa School for the Arts was moving out of the space and eventually into its new digs at the corner of Fir and Pacific Streets. The Depot’s future owner, Telluride Science Research Center, is still operating in a limited capacity due to the pandemic. The non-profits decided to lease the space to Telluride Medical Center to host an interim respiratory clinic.

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