Tim DeChristopher on Trial in ‘Climate Change’ Case

Closing arguments begin today in the federal case against Tim DeChristopher, the environmentalist who monkeywrenched an auction that would have put public lands in the hands of oil and gas developers. DeChristopher faces ten years in prison—but instead of accepting a plea bargain he is standing up for his beliefs in court, still fighting what he believes to be some of the forces responsible for climate change.
DeChristopher picked up a paddle and became Bidder 70, picking up $1.8 million in leases. He could not pay for the land, but he did manage to keep 22,000 acres unscathed by oil and gas development. His civil disobedience has not just put him in the environmental activism limelight; it may also put him in jail.
Read Reilly Capps’ interview with DeChristopher in the Winter 2009-10 Telluride Magazine here. DeChristopher is also the subject of a new documentary by local filmmakers George and Beth Gage called Bidder 70.