Telluride Videos

Venture Out

Venture Out [4min cut] from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo
Filmed & edited by Ben Knight | Music by Explosions in the Sky

Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media evokes a Zen-like connection to snow in this stunning yet serene look at winter in Telluride. The cinematographer, snowboarder and Telluride local is known for his ability to impart the feel of place into his productions—sans words. Kudos to the Telluride Tourism Board and the folks of Telluride who entrusted Knight with putting together this sui generis marketing vignette. As respected adventure writer Steve Casimiro put it, “It’s an ad, yes, but it more perfectly captures the sweet love affair with skiing than anything I’ve seen in a long time, and that includes documentary ski movies and magazines.”

We Skied It!

We Skied It! from Telluride Magazine on Vimeo.

Dean Rolley and Amy Levek, producers of the ’70s based Telluride documentary, “The YX Factor,” have recently completed a new film that recounts the years leading up to the development of a ski area in Telluride. In the 1940s, 50s and ’60s, miner Billy “Senior” Mahoney and other locals, who wondered about Telluride’s future after the collapse of the mining industry, explored the option of advancing a ski resort in the mountains surrounding the remote alpine hamlet. Through the eyes of those who lived to see that dream come true, Rolley and Levek recreate the story of a group of people who knew little about the actual sport of downhill skiing, but loved the high country, hiking up to ride gravity’s pull down the step, snow laden peaks that had previously provided prosperity to the region in the form of precious metals. This delightful narrative offers historic still images and old footage of skiing in the region when rope tows and will power were the only way to get to the top. “We Skied It!” was conceived and produced by the Telluride Historical Museum and funded by The Raynier Institute & Foundation. To find more information about the project or to purchase a DVD, go to

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