Win Free Ski and Snowboard Tune-Ups and Demos

Babes in the BackcountryHere at Telluride Magazine, we like to share stories about this place and the people who live here.

Now we want to hear yours.

What was the highlight of your ski season? Who was the first person you met when you rolled into town? How did you find (or lose) your most memorable job in Telluride? Share your story, anecdote, photo or video and win free ski and snowboard tune-ups or demos all month on, and we’ll post your submission on our website.

We’re giving away prizes through March, so send us your jokes, pictures and tall tales ASAP so you can get your boards waxed or check out some new gear. Send your submissions to [email protected]. Advertisers can enter automatically by contacting [email protected]. You can also click like on our Facebook page to enter.

Special thanks to Bootdoctors, Paragon Outdoors, Dr. B’s and Telluride Sports for offering their gear and expertise.

2 thoughts on “Win Free Ski and Snowboard Tune-Ups and Demos”

  1. Carmel Westerman

    The Southwest
    Carmel Westerman

    Is this the southwest,
    with its hot windblown sand
    and prickly cacti?

    These rugged states,
    seared by the sun,
    parched and desiccated?

    Listen and you will hear
    Athabascan voices echo across
    the mountains and plains.

    From Paleo to Anglos
    civilizations came
    and disappeared.

    Their legends,
    stories and myths
    fraught with hardship.

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